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These resources will inspire you and your team to keep playing!

It Pays To PLAY – Book Resources


JAM Huddle Video

See how our JAM team connects daily to share important updates as well as laugh and play.

JAM Huddle

Interview with Softball Slim

James Renwick attributes his 95 lbs of weight loss to his time playing “All Sorts of Sports” and Softball with JAM.

Softball Slim – James Renwick

Interview with Mari Wager

Playing sports with JAM changed Mari’s life so much she got our logo tattooed on her body. Mari plays sports multiple nights a week, and when her Multiple Sclerosis flares up, she still cheers on her team and socializes!

Mari Wager – Logo Tattoo

Rocket Monkey – Water bottle launch – Inertia Design

Rocket Monkey – Water Bottle

Rocket Monkey – Slow Motion – Inertia Design

Rocket Monkey – Slow Motion

Rocket Monkey Car Launch – Inertia Design

Rocket Monkey – Car Launch

In-Office Games:

Face the Cookie:

Blindfolded Cotton Ball Game:

Match Game:



Download this PLAYbook for an exhaustive list of easy-to-implement ways to integrate PLAY into your workplace.

5 In-Office Easy Games to PLAY – PDF

Easy to set up games to play with your team in your own office:

JAM Huddle Agenda – PDF

Download this Huddle Agenda to help your team connect daily to share important information and have some laughs!

JAM Love Stories – PDF

Melt your heart while reading these Love Stories of people finding their MVP on the playing field!

North America Adult Rec Sports League Listings

Find an adult rec sports league in your region and get a company team signed up to PLAY!