Small business stung by pandemic pivots to raise $200,000 for charity

Today Canada’s largest adult recreational sports league, the Sport & Social Group (SSG), announces a $200,000 corporate challenge for charity called “Titans of Trivia.”  The initiative is led by JAM (, the newly created remote events arm of SSG which helps corporate teams worldwide keep their culture thriving by hosting playful events keeping their teams connected while working remotely!

Titans of Trivia (ToT) is an elimination-style, team trivia tournament that will provide an opportunity for corporate teams to playfully connect with their remote working staff and challenge corporate rivals to compete for bragging rights as the “know-it-alls of nothing”, all while playing for a charity of their choice.  Every $5,000 ToT team fee guarantees a $1,000 contribution to the team’s charity of choice. The further a team progresses in the tournament, the more money they earn for their charity with the winning team earning $50,000 for their charity.

Since May 2020, JAM has now hosted over 150 customized events (Scavenger Hunts, Trivia, Musical Bingo, Escape Rooms, Pictionary, On-boarding, and more), for organizations in Canada, USA, UK, Belgium, France, Turkey, Columbia, Nigeria, China, India, Philippines, and Thailand, creating laughs and connection for approximately 15,000 participants in the process.

For 25 years, the SSG’s core purpose has been ‘connecting people through play’ – getting over 1.3 million people playing in adult sports leagues since its inception in 1996. Government mandates implemented due to COVID19 have impacted the SSG and its team of 40 full-time and 300 part-time employees brutally hard – completely shutting down all sports league play and revenue-generating capability since March of 2020.

SSG has stayed true to its core purpose of “connecting people through play” by pivoting from its b2c sports league operations and launching “JAM”, a global b2b remote events service. JAM helps corporations, schools, and other organizations with remote working teams stay connected through play.  

“It has been amazing to see the creativity and drive from my team as we have worked to stay true to our core purpose of connecting people through play,” says SSG & JAM founder and CEO Kristi Herold. “We are thrilled to have found a way to help corporations as well as charities, who are all struggling! We’ve found a ‘rusty lining’ through this pandemic that is truly a triple win!”

Keep playing! Let’s JAM!

For more information contact, Kristi Herold, Tel: 416-606-2292, Email: [email protected]