Bench the Kids and Take the Field

Why Parents should Play Sports too!

When the Sport & Social Club first had members kicking balls, throwing discs and hitting homeruns, the sidelines at our games looked like this;

Empty Bench
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empty…there were few spectators and definitely no children or baby strollers. Back then the average member was 23 years old and single.

But as the SSC grew up, so did our members and 19 years later we are beginning to see a lot more of this;

These days our average member is closer to 28 or 30 years old and, although there are still plenty of singles, many of our members  have children who make great fans!

We all understand the importance of getting children involved in sports! Physical activity and competition can help improve self-esteem, social skills, academic success and lifelong health.

Even though we understand these benefits, once we move into parenthood we often tend to put our own needs aside. The result? We forget to give ourselves the gift of sports!  Perhaps if we over-programmed our children a little less and made a little more time for our own games we would be benefitting both ourselves and our kids.

Adult Benefits
Child Benefits

My children have spent many hours on the sidelines of my ultimate games and their Dad’s cycling races. They are used to their parents cheering and supporting them with snacks and water bottles in hand. But they’re also equally familiar with being our support crew! Most importantly, the kids get to see that no matter how old we are, it is fun, social and healthy for people of all ages to get out and be active.  And the best part is there are so many options to choose from (check them all out here).

We love seeing kids supporting their parents at our Sport & Social Club games. And as our members continue to grow we suspect our fan base will too.

Three cheers for active parents!