New Year’s Resolution: Don’t give up a thing

As we move into a New Year, that dreaded word “resolution” is back with a vengeance. Every year society encourages us to give something up to improve ourselves. But why should we have to ‘quit’ something to make ourselves better people?!

This year I propose a new twist! Instead of quitting something, why not resolve to ADD something NEW to your life for 2015!

10 Ideas for Adding something NEW to your Life:

  1. LAUGH every day.

Commit to finding a cartoon, a saying, a blog post or a video that makes you laugh and share it with someone who could also use a laugh.  If you’re ever stuck, check out the website Damn You Auto Correct for a guaranteed gigolo (*giggle).

  1. Meditate daily.

Take five to ten minutes a day to breathe a little deeper and be a little more present. Mindful meditation can help reduce stress, anxiety, chronic pain and conflict, as well as improve sleep. Need some help? There’s some great guided meditations available online: Tarabrach, The Meditation Podcast, Meditation Oasis.

  1. Take the Stairs!

Make a personal commitment that every time you are faced with the choice between an escalator or the stairs…you’ll choose stairs. Sure it’ll make you breathe a little harder but I bet you’ll be pleased with the extra bit of exercise!

Take the Stairs
  1. Pay it forward every day!

It’s simple. Just do something nice for someone else. Give away your parking ticket that still has time on it; bake cookies for your co-workers; send a text to someone to let them know how great they are; or pay for the car behind you at Tim Horton’s. They’ll feel great and you’ll feel great! Double win.

Pay It Forward
  1. Drink more WATER.

Commit to drinking 8 glasses of water every day. I bet you’ll be surprised with how much better drinking more water will make you feel and look! I use ITunes to help track my daily water intake to stay on target.

  1. Listen to a podcast.

If you’re like me you spend a lot of time driving in the car. Instead of listening to the same songs over, why not try a podcast? You can educate yourself while you drive and Podbay has a great list on top podcasts these days.

  1. Make a point of complimenting someone once a day.

Simply saying the words, “I like your shirt, that colour looks great on you.” or “Please tell the chef the entree was delicious” costs you nothing and will have a huge impact on someone else’s day.

  1. Buy a new vegetable or fruit at the grocery store at least once a month.

Then learn a new recipe to incorporate it! A year ago I came home with an eggplant much to the concern of my children. Regardless I created a simple recipe by baking the eggplant with some olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic sprinkled with parmesan.  Upshot? My kids love it and it has become a much loved appetizer with friends.

Eggplant Parmesan
  1. Read the newspaper.

Spend a few minutes every morning reading up on what’s going on in the world around you. Enjoy it the old fashioned way with paper in hand and a cup of coffee…or just scroll through a webpage on-line when you get to your desk. Either way, get informed!

  1. Take up a new hobby.

Learn to play guitar, learn to knit or sew, take an improv class or learn a new language.  Try something you’ve always wanted to do but never made time for.  I finally picked up a guitar at the age of 42 and after two years of sporadic lessons and regular practice, I now have a repertoire of over fifty songs. That’s not to say I’ll be going on stage anytime soon but at least it livens up the campfire! Here are some great resources to get you started:

Toronto Guitar Lessons, The Knit Cafe, Sew Be It Studio, Improv Training


The bottom line? Don’t be a quitter this New Year. Instead take on something NEW to invigorate your life!

Happy New Year!

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